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      Don’t Let Them Bug You – Page One

      Frugal insect repellents and methods of getting rid of bugs!

      Did you ever read a science fiction story about insects taking over the
      earth? There are days when it’s easy to believe it could happen!

      They’re everywhere it seems, in one form or another. They’re in the park,
      at the zoo, in the garden and in the living room sometimes. They even manage to
      get into those high rise offices where they recycle the air and don’t allow
      anyone in without a three piece suit. (Tell the bugs that.)

      It seems like no matter what we do, there are always a few more bugs…
      and when one ‘season’ is over, here comes the next type of bug season.

      What do you do when the level of insect activity or population becomes too
      much? Call the exterminator? Maybe as a last (expensive) move, but for the most
      part, inexpensive, homemade, and natural bug repellents work just as well.

      A few preventive steps right now, before the season brings those bugs on
      full force, could save your budget and your sanity.

      Good habits to get into:

      a.. Clean up all spills and crumbs – anything that might attract bugs,
      as soon as possible.
      b.. Remove pet’s food dishes from the floor between feedings.
      c.. Be sure any areas, such as around water heaters and pipes are
      completely dry.
      Things to check for:

      a.. Make sure all doors and window screen frames fit snugly.
      b.. Check around the frames of doors and windows for any small cracks
      that would allow entrance.
      c.. Clean up debris, leaves and dead grasses, etc, that are close to the
      foundation of the house.
      If you already have insects in the house, try these inexpensive methods.
      Most of the time they will solve your problems without resorting to expensive,
      dangerous poisons or repellents.

      a.. For a repellent, a line of red or black pepper, salt or vinegar will
      stop ants from coming into the house – if you can find the point of entry.
      b.. Boiling water poured down an anthill will kill the eggs and destroy
      the hill. You might have to do it two or three times for complete success.
      c.. Soap (dish detergent) in a spray bottle of water will suffocate
      aphids and other small bugs and will keep some eggs from hatching on house
      plants without harming the plants.
      d.. Sugar mixed with borax will kill roaches, ants and other bugs.
      e.. Plain old fly swatters are effective against a few flies or flying
      f.. Citronella candles or oils are effective and frugal mosquito
      g.. Use vinegar to attract (and drown) fruit flies and other insects.

      How NOT to attract insects

      What NOT to do:

      a.. Don’t spend your money on bug zappers. The light attracts bugs from
      your neighbour’s yard; why would you want to do that?
      b.. Don’t leave a screen or outer door open more than a few seconds.
      c.. Don’t use flower scented soaps, or wear flower scented perfumes.
      d.. Don’t wear flowers in your hair, a buttonhole or in a corsage.
      e.. Don’t use flower scented ‘air fresheners’ or candles.
      f.. Don’t chase or try to swat bees or wasps.
      g.. Don’t leave porch lights and outside lights on when they’re not
      needed. Light attracts many bugs.
      h.. Don’t kill beneficial bugs, like ladybugs, or small snakes, which
      eat insects.
      i.. Don’t leave water standing where it can be a breeding pool for
      mosquitoes and the like.

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