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      Hello! I have not had time to post much, but couldn’t help but share this. I
      normally pay $50-$60 to have my hair highlighted.

      My husband has had 2 back
      surgeries this year and has been off work since April, so needless to say, we
      have really cut back. It was time to get my hair done again and I just could not
      swing the $50 or so. I tried “Sun In” and it’s really working great!

      It was only
      $2.97 at Wal Mart and it’s enough to do this 3 times or so. You just spray it on
      damp clean hair, dry with a blow dryer, then wash and style. After one time,
      it’s not quite as light as when I go to the beauty shop, but at this price, I
      can do it again in a few days and get the color I want.

      My hair normally is a
      dishwater brown color. It may not work well for everyone, but I certainly have
      no complaints so far. It also said it was not recommended for color treated

      (which mine was) But it didn’t discolor it at all.
      Sorry this is so long, but had to share.

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