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    My neice just graduated from high school and I wanted to give her a neat gift
    but not spend a fortune. I got an idea from a “specialty” catalog that I receive
    in the mail – theirs was almost $60 and my version was under $15.

    What I did was buy a 16×20 frame from a craft store (AC Moore) and the bought a
    mat that had an opening for a 5×7 picture. I put a picture we took of her and
    her family at graduation in that. The mat has plenty of room for her friends and
    family to write her little notes.

    I was thinking that I’d have to have a mat cut
    special for it, but one of the employees helped me find a mat that was ready
    made. It actually was double matted – the first opening was for an 8×10 picture
    and then had a smaller mat for a 5×7 photo. My neice really liked it a lot too.
    I thought it was perfect for someone that age especially – but would also be
    nice for an anniversary party, retirement party, etc.

    Any occasion really where
    people would have occasion to leave special thoughts or messages for someone.


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    Thats such a lovely idea. Another one I’ve seen is a charm for a charm bracelet – in the shape of a diploma.

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    Cute Idea, I like it!

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    Awesome! I have 4 graduations to attend this year!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation Frugal Graduation Gift Idea