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      When my son was really little we just had a family birthday dinner. We are a
      small family so was just four grandparents and one aunt and uncle. I think
      his fifth birthday was the first we did for a party.

      We just asked the
      neighborhood kids he played with. I baked a cake and we had ice cream and kool
      It was to be an outside party and had games planned as such, but it poured
      rain that day. The kids though had an absolute ball.

      I drew a picture of a
      witch and taped it on the wall. Then, blindfolded the kids, gave them chewing
      gums, which they used to make warts on the witch. Did this on a basement wall.
      They made up some of their own games and I made a treasure hunt giving out
      little trinkets I had bought at walmarts.

      We had a total of about seven kids
      there. And, he talked for weeks about his party and it cost very little.


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