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      1st & 2nd year birthday parties are mainly for the parents – not the
      kids. They just don’t realize what is happening.
      After the 3rd year the Chuck e Cheese and McDonalds parties can start
      (and they are fairly frugal since you don’t have to spend your time &
      energy cleaning anything – your time does cost money – too). Then when
      they reach elementary school and can read is when their funnest parties
      will be (for you and them).

      You can plan treasure hunts or get a
      moonwalk (call around – you can rent them for all day, where the place
      sets it up & takes it down (and hauls it off) for right around $100. It
      is worth paying $40 more for someone to do all this). I have done CEC.
      McD, moonwalks, a party at a nature center with live animals, and
      bowling parties for my son.

      He is 11 now. I think he enjoyed the
      moonwalks the best – but now he is too old for them. Bummer!

      I too am
      a single parent. We split up when he was 6 and his dad has been to all
      his parties since we split up. We had a pool in our backyard (I have
      since moved) so parties at the house were off limits when he was younger
      – it would have been too much trouble to have all the 5 – 7 yo kids
      there around the pool.

      I like my sanity
      So to get around to the traditions question… just make it his day…
      he will remember it.

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