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      Some ideas…

      For a boy who wants to be a fireman…how about a trip to the local fire
      department on his birthday? My husband has brought our boys by, when the
      fireman aren’t busy, of couse…and they have always gotten to sit up in
      one of the firetrucks, or something fun like that. If you call ahead,
      you might even be able to bring a few friends…or with 4 siblings…you
      can make your own group.

      😉 Our homeschool group just took a tour of a
      fire station. The kids got to sit in an engine, saw a demonstration of a
      fireman puttin on his gear, etc. All ages had a great time.

      We were even
      given activity books explaining fire safey, etc.

      For a boy who wants to be a builder/pipe fixer…how about a cloth apron
      (the kind that carpenters wear)…and a few screwdrivers, etc. I got a
      few of the real ones at Walmart, for my son, for next to nothing. He was
      so excited, as these tools were the real thing.

      They came with a lesson
      on responsibility as well. Real tools, have real, sharp ends, etc. He
      stored them with Dad’s tools, and always got his out when helping his dad.

      For a cowboy…a campfire meal with baked beans and hot dogs cooked on
      sticks around the fire.

      When there is a birthday in our home, the birthday person is king/queen
      for the day. They are in charge of menu planning for the entire day. If
      the budget is tight, they are given choices to fit the budget, but the
      ultimate decision is theirs.

      Siblings pick up all the birthday child’s
      chores for the day. Occasionally, the birthday child opts to wear a
      crown! 🙂

      Hope this helps! Happy Birthday! ~ Melissa 🙂

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Frugal, fun birthday memories