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      Today is my son’s birthday, he is 5. We are not having a party this year.
      I just can’t afford it as well as everyone is on vacation and his birthday’s
      are usually pretty lame. This year also, 2 of my older son’s won’t be here.
      .they aren’t even in the state so we asked Eric what he wanted to do and he
      said he wanted to have an “Eric” day.

      We are going to take him to the
      movies to see Cars and then we are going to take him to a restaurant of his
      choice (my guess it will be McDonalds…yuk!) and he got a brand new bike
      and helmet. He’s excited about having a “me” day instead of the traditional
      party. I figure the whole day will only cost us about $50.00 as opposed to
      hundreds for a party.


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