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      Frugal Father?s Day Gift Ideas

      For many women, the fathers on their gift lists present the biggest gift giving challenges. If you are having trouble knowing what to get dear old Dad for Father?s Day this year, look over the following list of gift ideas that fall into the category of simple, yet meaningful tokens of your appreciation and love.

      * The Gift of Laughter ? Is there some old comedian or sitcom that always makes him chuckle? Use your vcr to make a tape of as many episodes as you can record.

      when you give your gift, include a note instructing him to watch it anytime he needs a good laugh.

      * dad?s own webpage ? use your scanner and computer skills to create a homepage devoted to all dad?s many interests. include pictures of his children, hobbies and accomplishments.

      tell how proud you are of him and how grateful you feel to have him as your father. after you?ve uploaded the site with the help of your internet service provider, include the url in a card telling dad to visit that webpage for a special surprise.

      * the gift of a clean house ? if your dad lives alone, housecleaning may not be high on his list of priorities. if possible, surprise him by giving his home a good, thorough cleaning while he is away for a few days.

      even if you can?t surprise him, he is sure to enjoy the results when you finish.

      * the gift of encouragement ? find a special quote or bible verse that is particularly meaningful. if you are handy with a needle and embroidery floss, create a cross-stitch sampler featuring those words.

      if not, use your calligraphy skills and put the verse in an attractive frame to sit proudly on his desk at work.

      * a subscription to his hometown newspaper ? this gift may cost a little more but is sure to be a winner. if he no longer lives in the small town where he grew up, purchase a gift subscription to that town?s local newspaper.

      this gift will help him keep up with the happenings in the place he used to call home.

      several of these ideas are ones that worked well with my own hard-to-gift father. of course, they can be modified for any other family member?male or female?who presents a gift-buying challenge.

      article ? 2004 Nancy Twigg. All rights reserved worldwide.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Frugal Father?s Day Gift Ideas