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      frugal water savings

      from ria: i am trying to cut costs in the house as much as possible,

      winter is coming and the fuel bill will not be lower this year.

      i have put in a low flow shower head from home depot, the plastic one

      that can’t be changed to a higher flow – results: well its better than

      the old style from central maine power years ago, this one puts out

      water at a high velocity so it does get soap out of hair. i replaced

      the sink and dripping faucet with a single ball style faucet. we now

      have a low flow toilet, it actually works better than the old one that

      used over 3 gallons of water, this is 1.6 gal with styrofoam insert so

      guess its down to 1.4 gal. I spent a lot of time talking to the people

      at home depot about the toilets. Go for the ones with the largest

      holes (so stuff can get out easier), HD has their toilets rated the

      higher the number the more efficent for flushing.

      My electric bill has really peaked, but the temp has been really high

      and we are so humid this year. Weird for Maine, we don’t usually have

      this humidity. Just about all my lights are the twirlies at this

      point. I do not think a 60 swirly is equal to a reg bulb 60 for

      reading BTW, so my reading lamps are getting 75-100 swirlies. The

      local Aubuchons have a automatic coupon for the lights $1 off,

      bringing the cost of light bulb down to $1.95. I managed to get a

      bunch of ceiling pot lamps for free and am trying to talk Bert into

      putting them in the suspended ceiling (I’ll use 45’s for them). Found

      out I can’t run all the ceiling fans on one switch/circuit in the

      living room so have to rethink the light/fan layout. My ceiling fans

      have died (I put them in over 20 years ago) so am looking for

      replacements, I really need low profile as ceilings are low.

      My computer is on hibernation mode, and the printer is off unless I am

      using it. I need to change the wiring set up so I can use a strip cord

      and turn everything off at night, supposedly tvs, comps etc all use

      juice even when turned off, you have to unplug them.

      i am bringing outside the crock pot, and counter top oven this keeps

      the heat out of the house. using the grill may not save money but its

      cooler than cooking inside.

      this year was weird for garden, dry in the spring and wet all summer

      .. tons of slugs .. am going to think about saving rainwater for next

      year’s garden

      how to convert any toilet to a low flow toilet

      rainbarrel – harvesting water

      reusing greywater

      30+ years ago my mom had some kind of diverter on her washer, the

      rinse water went into a large sink and was reused for the next load of

      wash for the soap cycle. Personally I wish we could use rinse water

      from shower in the toilet ..

      save money on water bill


      rain barrels

      rain garden

      native plants adapted to handle excess water work best for rain

      gardens. swamp milkweed (asclepias incarnata) tops patricia’s list of

      favorites, along with queen of the prairie (filipendula rubra), cup

      plant (silphium perfoliatum), culver’s root (veronicastrum virginicum)

      and turtlehead (chelone lyonii).


      list owner of :


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