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      Frugal crockpot … Margaret, I don’t think I’ve ever followed a crockpot
      recipe, at least not strictly. Let’s see …

      my favourite roast beef recipe
      uses a small can of V-8 juice and a can of Italian tomatoes. V-8 juice
      shows up regularly on the dinted shelf at my grocery store for about 15
      cents, as do diced tomatoes for about 50 cents. I just add a little bit of
      Italian seasoning.

      So 50 cents worth of flavouring for an incredibly rich
      roast beef. Or toss a bunch of spices on top of your meat and forget the

      Any type of meat + any type of cream soup = yummy. I’ve done that with
      chicken legs at 79 cents/lb, meatballs, beef roast, beef steaks …

      This probably is not recommended by the Food Police, but when I was in
      college, I’d have my crockpot running almost constantly. What happened was
      I did buy a bottle of expensive sauce, and then picked up whatever meat was
      on sale/marked down. let it cook while i was in class, then came home and

      well, i didn’t want to waste that rich – and pricey – sauce. so i put
      it in the fridge and ran to the grocery store to see what meat was marked
      down. (put the sauce in the fridge, cleaned out the crockpot …

      ) the
      next morning *that* went into the sauce and i went off to class. i think my
      “pot” ran every day for about a month. when i’d see bbq sauce or something
      like that in the discount bin, i’d pick some up and add it.

      same for
      spices. it changed every day. lots of friends joined me for various
      dinners, and no one died.

      in fact, everyone loved it.

      i’ve noticed that a lot of recipe books call for expensive meats in the cp.
      that is a waste of money. your cp will do best with the cheapest, toughest,
      least expensive meats that you can find.


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