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      Just yesterday I madesaltine crackers and graham crackersusing budget 101 recipe, it took me no more than 10 minutes to mix androll out. It took 40 minutes to cook it all. They both turned out great.

      I also mix up the cream of “anything” soups which only take about 10 minutes, I also make a white sauce for my recipes calling forcream soup. It doesn’t really take much time at all. I also like they have a lot of simple recipes that take only minutes.

      I combine what I have learned from budget 101 with these simple recipes. Their is also several cheap cooking websites with easy budget friendly recipes. Hope this helps.

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      What do you make from scratch? how long does it take?

      On 7/15/08, Joi Sinclair <joi_sinclair@ sbcglobal. net> wrote:
      > You can save anywhere for $.15 to $2.00 by just making
      > from scratch.

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