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      thanks, Liss. I learned to mk gatorade for my 10 yo and he loves it.
      I am doing cake mixes w/ things that I have on hand to get rid of-coconut flakes, rasins,prunes,nuts (that I cracked out a yr ago and had frozen)dehydrated fruit from Wallgreens for $1 that I did not know what to do w/.More like a fruit cake but delicious!!
      Trying to use from the pantry,buyon sale,loss leaders,coupons,rebates,items for my son’s lunches when school starts (found large bottles of flavored water for $.50 ea-then I will put home made gatorade in them freeze 1/2 of the liquid-then the morning of I add the rest of the liquid.
      Found lunch boxes ,plastic w/ drinking bottle that fits in the box and another insulated lunch carrier at Goodwill.I am using a disposable ice bag from the hospital for his lunch boxes.


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      >>What do you make from scratch? how long does it take?<<

      To answer your questions, EVERYTHING. I make muffin mixes, soup mixes, cake mixes, brownie

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