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      Teresa, you are trying to mk up for what you did not get as a child.You can still give to your child by having a college fund, emergency fund, stocking the pantry, opening up her a savings account at the bank or credit union,
      How old is she?
      My son is 10yo. He has a Kangaroo Savings Account at our credit union that he goes in bey himself and makes his deposits. The people who work there know and love him.

      He is networking,helping build self confidence,getting to know business people, them getting to know him,plus saving money.
      He gets new presents for birthday,Christmas,Adoption Day For $75 each.(He researches on the net for what he wants,sales,warrenties,for the best deals.)The rest we visit Goodwill and garage sales-which he loves just as well.
      I was lucky enough to find a Uniform Shop going out of business to get his school clothes for the next 3 years.

      His outgrown clothes are given to Freecycle.
      I have an annunity that gets a deposit/month=saving for him a home and car-hoping to get a scholarship from the loto for his college.

      I discuss this w/ him frequently.

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      I must admit..I only “dabble” in being frugal or budgeting. I set up great goals I would like to reach and start really gung ho then slowly fizzle out. I grew up poor and now have a hard time not buying stuff for my daughter since I can afford them.

      I am not teaching her anything as she has no concept of money.

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