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      I have to admit that I only dabble myself, I am much like you, but I have a hard time denying myself as well as my family. One way I have found to help is to do my cooking from scratch. It sounds like it takes too much time but once I got into the habit I am able to save by not buying “convenience” foods.

      You can save anywhere for $.15 to $2.00 by just making from scratch. I also have the ability to control some of the chemicals that my family ingests by using whole, fresh ingredients. We aren’t short money yet, but the company my husband works for isstruggling for jobs and hisincomemaybe cut but we are unsure of how much and how often.

      So I am trying to get used to a smaller budget now and if/when his checks start fluctuating we will be prepared. Hope this helps.

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      I must admit..I only “dabble” in being frugal or budgeting. I set up great goals I would like to reach and start really gung ho then slowly fizzle out. I grew up poor and now have a hard time not buying stuff for my daughter since I can afford them.

      I am not teaching her anything as she has no concept of money. I also admit I am a all or nothing kinda gal. I cannot seem to find a happy medium.

      I want to do it all the way or not at all.
      How do I get in the right mind set…and stay motivated to spend less??
      Thanx Tressa

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