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      I am a stay at home mom but I also am a full time homeschooler of 2 children. And I volunteer for several activities when we are home. But these recipes are truly quick.

      We travel with my husbands job and I am constantly packing and unpacking and this fits into our schedule. And some things can be make ahead, like the “bisquick” mix and the crackers, you can mix or make them ahead of time and have on hand. The amount of time it took to make the crackers was a shorter amount than it would have taken for me to load up and go to the store.

      Also with items like the brownie and cake mixes you can mix all the dry ingredients store them in zip top bags with a label on the side with wet ingredients and directions (which is no different than a cake mix) and pull out and bake when you need it. You can make ahead
      up a couple bags a week for desserts and then just pull them out and bake as needed. None of the recipes that I have tried or used are that time consuming, not requiring hours over the stove, if they did, I wouldn’t bother.

      Most mimic the “conveniece” foods we are used to buying that can be mixed ahead of time and brought out to use with dinners. There are recipes that are similar to Hamburger Helper or Lipton Noodle mix that can be mixed and labeled with directions and used just as you would anything bought at the store. I takecouple of hours aday once or twice a month and mix this stuff together and then pull it out when I plan on using it.

      There are a lot of helpful, time saving tips, on the website. I like having more control over all the chemicals added to our food and it saves us money.

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      do all of you who do this work full time?

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      > Just yesterday I made saltine crackers and graham crackers using
      > budget 101 recipe, it took me no more than 10 minutes to mix and roll out.

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