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      lol –that reminds me I had friends staying with me for a while and between them and me we had MANY children — their’s mine’ and cousins and friends No one wanted to help with chores and they kept using the clothesline (full of clothes) to “drive” their bikes under — tired of being ignored and rewashing clean clothes my friend came up with a fantastic idea we wrote down the daily chores and the person assigned to a particular chore/chores (chores rotated daily)– if by lunchtime the job was not done the offender was assigned one or more clothespins — already prelabled with their name on it — the #number depended on the job importance and number of assigned duties
      the next day that child had to hang up that many pieces of clothing using their clothes pin (remember their name is on those pins–for all to see)(in addition to how many else they needed) soon chores got done without being told more than once and clothes stop being bridges

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