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      I thought I’d jump in here and add
      my “method”. I have found that I am slowly adding more and
      more to my list of things that I make. To your specific question as to
      employment; I am off for the summer since I work at an elementary school but
      otherwise I am paid for 30 hours but by the time I “wrap things up”
      and collect my children from middle and high school I get home around 4:00 (so
      a shorter day than many but still out of the house more than not).

      My initial motivation in making my own of
      things was based on my trying to not go to the store. I try to do a big
      shopping about every 6 weeks and then just run in to get fresh foods as needed
      (dairy, produce). So I started by making sloppy jo sauce since I wanted
      some and didn’t have any.

      It was a hit and so easy and I don’t
      think I’ve bought any in the last few years. Then I found a recipe
      in a magazine for Creamy Garlic Salad Dressing. It sounded good so I
      tried it and we really liked it.

      I was just making that as something
      different to go with other dressing I bought but then I started making the
      copycat version of Kraft Catalina Dressing and recently started making a ranch
      dip/dressing recipe. I very recently made the myo cream of soup recipe to
      use in a recipe and it was so easy so i think i’ll probably continue
      that. I’ve also just discovered MYO rubs for meat.

      I also make focaccia bread which is well
      seasoned with several herbs. My trick for this to make it an even easier
      and quicker dinner addition (one of the advantages to focaccia is that it has
      one short rise time and then you bake) is to measure out into a small container
      the seasoning for a second batch as I make one. So the seasoning for the
      loaf I am making goes into my mixer with the other ingredients such as flour
      and yeast and then I just put another batches worth in a little container and
      label it so I can just add the few other things.

      This is just quicker due
      to the number of herbs involved and getting those all out. I also do this
      with my Ranch Dressing mix of herbs, make a batch and measure out another batch
      for next time. I really need to find more little containers so I can
      expand on it a little but even this little step can really be that little bit
      that makes it so much easier.

      When I made the Cream of Chicken soup the
      recipe called for Poultry Seasoning of which I had none so I made some of that
      to put in. I guess I just don’t find it is really that big a deal
      and it makes it possible to have “basics” and make many kinds of
      mixtures. I buy the big bottles of spices from Gordon Foods and Sam’s

      I also buy big containers of mayonnaise and ketchup.

      I’ve come to really like the idea of
      having fewer “unknowns” in my food and really my family likes my
      versions better now than the pre-made of like the dressing and such.

      Today I made dog biscuits for the first
      time and they passed the test with my dog Lizzie.

      So I guess it does take a bit more time
      and thought to put some of the things together but it isn’t as
      overwhelming as it may initially seem. Start with a couple things here
      and there and it will seem less so. There are also ways to make it easier
      and more practical, as has been mentioned by measuring out for more than one
      mixture at a time if you have the space and storage containers for doing

      Hope that gave you some ideas.


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