Frozen Pudding Pops

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      We usually make our own frozen pudding pop (bill cosby style!) using boxed pudding mix, milk and dixie cups.

      Ingredients are:
      1 package instant pudding any flavor you want
      1 ½ C milk
      2 C cool whip

      Mix the milk and pudding together, whip until thickened, fold in the cool whip, it should be really thick.

      Spoon into 3 oz paper cups and insert popsicle stick. Freeze. You can also layer them by making 2 or 3 different flavors add a spoonful of 1 kind, then top with another, etc.

      Flavor Ideas:

      • chocolate
      • vanilla
      • layered chocolate & vanilla
      • chocolate & banana layered
      • chocolate & strawberry layered
      • chocolate pistachio
      • chocolate almond
      • chocolate covered cherry (put in pieces of maraschino cherries!)

      the possibilities are endless and this is really cheap to make.

      i also just found the Frozen Pudding Pop sandwiches recipe here so I’m trying those next!

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