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      Being due with my third baby in two weeks, I know anything you do for your friend would be much appreciated!!

      We got little gifts for our 3 yr old and 2 yr old for when our baby arrives. The perfect gift at this age- and VERY cheap– would be a coloring or activity book for the little boy with a small box of crayons- both are available at dollar stores. It’s something that would keep him busy on his own while they are adjusting to having a second child to split attention and time with! You can even be as creative as going to online Free printable coloring page websites- and printing your own coloring book.(You can Google for more sites) My kids love any type of reading book too- dollar stores and yard sales right now are perfect places for those. If you were able to keep it all low cost, include a little sidewalk chalk, refrigerator magnets, and bubbles. Hope that helps!

      As far as food- anything goes! The classic meal is lasagna, so maybe stay away from that since families with new babies inevitably end up with at least 3 frozen lasagnas! Spaghetti is always a great meal, even if they need to boil the pasta- if everything else can be frozen to be heated when they are ready for it… Meat sauce or Meatballs, Garlic bread. (You can substitute frozen ravioli or tortellini.) Another idea is putting together all the ingredients to get dumped into the crock pot one morning for dinner that night- chili, beef stew, etc.

      Again, your friend will be thrilled with anything you do since you’re being such a great friend!

      God Bless-


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      A good friend of mine is due with her second baby in two weeks. She
      also has a 2 1/2 year old boy. I already got a gift for the baby, but
      now I’m thinking it might be a good idea to bring something for the big
      brother, so he doesn’t feel left out. Any ideas for a cheap but
      entertaining gift?

      Also, I’d like to prepare a dinner dish and freeze it for them. Any
      ideas for something easy to make, that freezes well? I’m not a great
      cook, but I figure they’ll appreciate it anyway!


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