Fried potatoes


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      1/3 cup bacon fat or lard
      6 large potatoes, sliced an 1/8 an inch thick.

      1. In a large cast iron skillet, heat fat over medium heat. Add potatoes and cook until potatoes are crispy golden brown.

      Do not stir, wait until potatoes are good and crispy then turn over in sectons with a spatula. Fry other side until golden and crisp. Don’t be afraid to add more fat if needed.

      Season heavily with salt and pepper.

      Serve with bacon, eggs & toast. Great for supper too!

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      mmmmmm not exactly heart healthy but OHHHHH So Delicious Comfort food! This is one of our favorites to cook in an old cast iron skillet over an open fire when we’re camping. For a little kick use garlic salt instead of regular salt- it really brings out the flavor of the bacon.


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      Alittle diced onion and a bottle of ketchup and I am Home…..multistars smilie

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      Totally not heart healthy! I grew up on these and can’t imagine not eating them. They were a breakfast staple at my Grandmothers, she sure knew how to stretch a buck!

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      Maybe this isn’t the most healthy way to cook, but it’s the way my Grandmother cooked all her life and she lived to be 96!

      showered with love

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      MMMM Yummy!!! My husband makes fried potatoes like this and they are the best!!!

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      A good ole’ country breakfast. Yummmm….. Who is inviting us all to breakfast?

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      My mom made these, but not for breakfast – they were a side dish for dinner (evening meal). Yummm. My mom called them “Stick together potatoes”, because that’s what they did.

      Maybe not heart healthy, but totally worth it, and not really that bad if you aren’t a couch potato. Just get up and move if you’re in reasonable health.

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      My thoughts exactly…when and where do I show up?! giggle smiley

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