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      Fried Oreos

      1 large bag Oreo cookies
      2 cups pancake mix
      1 1/2 cups milk
      2 eggs
      4 teaspoons oil

      Heat deep fryer to 375 degrees F.

      Combine pancake mix, milk, eggs and oil. Mix until there are no lumps.
      Dip Oreos into batter, make sure both sides are covered and put the Oreos
      into the deep fryer. The cookie will float so make sure you flip the cookie over
      so that both sides are golden brown.

      The cookies will cook fast so watch them
      so they will not burn. Take out Oreos and enjoy. The cookies are best straight
      out of the deep fryer!!

      Makes about 54 Oreos.

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      WOW I always get these at the fair but have never made them homemade !!! Thanx !!!

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      Is this the same way that they make the fried snickers etc at the fairs? Just curious. Nothing better than fried food and cookies to boot!!!!

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      I have never had that before….Are they good?? It sounds so good to…I cant wait to make them!!!

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      I’ve been told about these — but never had them. I’ll have to try them too. Interesting —

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