Friday 3/8

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      Good morning everyone. As I sit here I can hear the birds chirping outside.

      I love that sound. I think one of my favorite things about Spring and

      Summer are waking up to the sounds of the birds singing their praises to God


      morning. It’s warming up and most of the snow is gone. It got down to 19*

      last night but it’s going to warm up into the 50’s today, wooohooo heat


      i’m looking forward to that, i can’t wait to hang my laundry out again.

      my plans for today are,……

      as soon as i get off here i am going to toss a load of clothes in the

      wash,do a clutter run,brush my teeth and head to the track. then…..

      i’ll finish up my cleaning,i may stop by a car wash and spray off the

      car,lots of salt on it right now. i have just a couple loads of clothes. the

      car is

      in major need of a good cleaning inside and out. and the house just needs a

      good picking up and a clean through. i think my mom may be coming for a

      visit either tonight or tomorrow so that will be nice to visit with her and my

      nephew. cut little man got on the phone with me and says aunt tammy i come to u

      howse? i said when grandma brings you. he said peeeeeeecccceeeee.

      (please) i said yes you can come to my house. he got all tickled and started

      laughing. he’s so precious.

      the boys have a dance tonight at school at 6 and practice ends at 4:30 so

      it’s going to be a rush to get them home and fed and cleaned up and out the

      door again.

      Dinner tonight will be pasta and sauce with Italian sausage,garlic bread,and

      a nice large dark greens salad.

      What’s your plans for today? What’s on your menu for this evening?


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