Freshen Up Your Home!

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      Smoker Visit? Place fresh sliced apples wedges on a plate and set where

      the ashtray was. Throw the fruit away after it’s porous flesh absorbs

      the tobacco scent.


      Musty basement? Place a shallow box filled with clay cat litter in a

      corner. The litter draws moisture from the air eliminating damp and

      stale odors.


      Funky bathroom? Before you place a new roll of toilet paper on the

      holder dab or mist the inside with your favorite perfume or cologne.

      That way it will release a bit of fragrance with every spin.


      Burned the roast? Try the old chef’s trick: Wrap some cinnamon sticks in

      foil and bake at 350. Within mins the burnt odor will be replaced by the

      spice’s sweet scent.


      Stale closet? Place some white side walk chalk in a clean mesh bag (you

      can simply rinse the kind that potatoes and onions come in) and hang it

      in your closet. Without using up closet space the mini order eater will

      suck moisture from the air and keep clothing fresh.


      Stinky fridge? Stuff bins and shelves with crumpled newspaper. The

      fibers will soak up icky smells overnight. So you can grab your am

      orange juice without worry

      A real friend warms you with their presence,trusts you with their

      secrets and remembers you in their prayers.

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