French Toast Surprise

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      French Toast Surprise
      8 slices bread, whole-wheat
      4 tablespoons cream cheese, fat-free
      8 teaspoons fruit preserves, favorite flavor
      ½ cup liquid egg substitute
      2 fluid ounces milk, fat-free
      1 tablespoon sugar substitute
      8 teaspoons almonds, slivered
      4 strawberries, whole, fresh
      Spread one side of 4 slices of bread with 1 tablespoon of cream cheese.
      Spread one side of the remaining 4 slices of bread with 2 teaspoons of fruit preserves.
      Place bread with cream cheese and bread with preserves together in pairs.
      Beat egg substitute, milk and sugar substitute with a wire whisk until smooth.

      Pour into a shallow bowl.
      Spray a griddle or a non-stick skillet with cooking spray. Heat over medium heat.
      Dip each side of sandwich into egg mixture. Cook sandwiches 2 to 3 minutes on each side or until golden brown.
      Place each sandwich on a serving plate.

      Sprinkle each with 2 teaspoons of almonds.
      Garnish each plate with a large strawberry, washed and sliced vertically almost to the stem, with the slices fanned out away from the stem.
      Smile, its spring!

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      I make something kind of like this, be we flatten out the bread with a rolling pin, then add the toppings and roll it up, then dip them in the egg mix and fry, I got the recipe off the gb101 site here

      You can use whatever kind of jam but I use sugarfree.

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      Yeah, Liss has lots of great recipes on both sites and I take advantage of them! lol! this is something that i hadn’t made in years.

      dd called me wanting to know how make the ‘special’ breakfast that i would make when she was growing up. she loves french toast so i came up with this idea for her very first day at school. she and i shared a house with another divorced, single mom and her daughter was the same age.

      over the years, i made it when ever she needed a pick-me-up or had mastered something important to her.

      the recipe evolved over the years to be healthier, but the garnish was always the same unless raspberries (her favorite) were on special.
      side note to this story — the woman and her daughter (became our best friends) that we lived with for seven months (she had been dating a guy and they got married, so it was time to find our own home) was not much of a cook — almost totally dependent on mostly processed foods.

      our original arrangement was to take turns shopping and cooking for a week while the other did the major housework. i volunteered to shop and cook first after looking in the pantry! after a week of my meals, her daughter asked if i could cook all of the time!

      lol! her mom started asking about ingredients and writing down what i did as i cooked. today, she is a fabulous cook, has a private daycare in her home and serves wonderful meals to the children she cares for and her family.

      the daughter is a terrific cook as the recipes have been passed on to prepare for her family…her children have special dietary needs so the recipes have evolved even more.
      sorry for the long post…remembering events just poured out of me…

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