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      I had been buying frozen fries at the store for .99 a lb. Which i
      thought was silly since i could buy the potatoes for .11 a lb. But
      i’m not having the same results.

      I tried to just slice the potatoes
      and fry them, they take forever to fry and never get crisp. So i read
      that you can preboil them and then freeze them and fry them. Well
      they still take forever to fry, absorb alot of greese, and shrink.
      How long are you supposed to boil them?

      I also read if you soak them
      in sugar water they’ll brown as the sugar carmelizes. I haven’t tried
      that. Do you soak them raw and then freeze?

      or boil then soak and
      freeze? I can’t understand why the store bought ones turn out so much
      better. I make killer vegetarian chili cheese fries that my husband
      just loves.

      Cindy in MI

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