freezing tomatoes

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      has onyone frozen tomatoes and if so how did they turn out

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      I havent tried that yet but I would be interested on any input also!! 🙂

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      From the authority, the National Center for Home Food Preserving
      freezing tomatoes

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      Thanks McNerd….I appreciate your help!!

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      I freeze my tomatoes. I peel the skin, then chop them. I put them in a ziplock type bag and toss in the freezer.

      I use them mainly for stews and soups etc. I have found that they sort of dissolve away, no seeds no chunks in the stews or soups. Adds a really fresh taste to the foods.

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      Hello again, from Portugal

      I don’t know if it works with every kind of tomatoes, but the reddest ones I usually put in the freezer, just like that, no peeling, or cutting. Then I use them in “Refogados” (Like the word?), wich is onion simmered in olive oil, and then when the onion is clear I join the tomatoes, and then i join whatever I’m cooking, usually meat.


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      I freeze mine too. I also don’t peel or cut up. Just put them in as is, when I take them out of freezer I put them in a bowl of water.

      They defrost fast, and the peeling just about falls off of them. Then chop and do with them what you want. They still taste fresh, like from the garden.

      It’s works very well doing it this way.

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