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      I found a thread on this subject, but I can’t seem to decypher the answer so…… can sugar be frozen? Found a great deal on sugar, but I just bought some so I don’t really need it yet.

      Can you freeze sugar? :017:

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      I have always placed my excess sugar in the freezer without any problem. I simply place a plastic grocery sack around the manufacturer’s packaging and tie it tightly to prevent excess moisture from penetrating the paper sack the sugar comes in.

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      I’ve never found a valid reason for freezing sugar.

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      Yes you can freeze sugar. If you don’t protect it from the moisture it will get a little lumpy when you do take it out.

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      @mcnerd 113956 wrote:

      I’ve never found a valid reason for freezing sugar.

      Don’t you have to worry about bugs getting in it, just like flour??? I mean, I really don’t know, that’s why I asked. Thanks.

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      Bugs don’t live in sugar. Yes, there may be bigger varmits that may want to eat sugar (or rather the paper and glue that contains it), but you just seal it in plastic or containers away from them. Freezing is just wasting space.

      You freeze (or vacuum seal) rice, flour, or other grain product for a day or two since there is a potential for larvae in them that will hatch and infest your pantry. Freezing briefly will kill the larvae. It does not need to be kept in the freezer.

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      Freeze rice??? Oh wow, I’d never heard that one. I keep extra rice in my pantry a lot.

      I had no idea about rice. I did know about flour. Thanks for the tips.

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      What is the shelf life of sugar ?
      Sugar, properly stored, has an indefinite shelf life because it does not support microbial growth.

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      @JoAnn 114005 wrote:

      What is the shelf life of sugar ?
      Sugar, properly stored, has an indefinite shelf life because it does not support microbial growth.

      according to lds, selflife fot sugar is indefinite.(decades) just keep dry as possible. even if it gets a little damp, just bust up the lumps. salt is the same.

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      I can my extra sugar. Keeps it sealed and no moisture can get into it. I’ve opened some that is 20 years old and it was just fine.

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      How do you ‘can’ sugar?

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      I went and bought some, just put them into plastic freezer bags and now they’re in the back of the pantry. Thanks everyone, some great tips here. Oh, and I did put my rice into the freezer this morning.

      I really had no idea. Like I said, great tips!

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      If you do not have freezer space or refrigerator space, please place sugar in container where ants! cannot get into it. once you have the ants started, you will have a major war on your hands!

      southeast oklahoma
      where i fight humidity, bugs, and ants!

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      We own a dry pack canner so we can seal our dry food storage products into #10 cans. You can do the same at any LDS Food Storage center ( click to see where they are in your area:) Welfare locations
      You can call for an appointment and they charge about 80 cents were can (for the can, lid, oxy pack) they also sell boxes for #10 cans for 61 cents– great for moving time! (dh has tons of books-more than most libraries!) you can take in your own stuff and can or you can buy from them.

      the same site where you used the locater has a pdf order form for all they have and their current prices. you do not have to be a member to use these facilities! i know a lot of people who buy mylar bags and seal them at home with an iron.

      i can’t use mylar bags because of living way out in the boon docks every critter around comes in to visit in the fall/winter and mice love to chew on these bags! one of my friends used regular canning jars and sealed them up and water bathed them for 10 minutes to seal the jar. I’ve not tried it as I don’t need to with having a dry pack canner in my basement but you could try one little jam jar worth to see if it worked before trying to do large amounts.

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      Like someone said sugar keeps “forever” and so does honey,and salt, since bacteria cannot grow in it because of high specific activity of water. It means that anything put in a sugary, or extremely salty medium looses water, not being able to survive. Of course there are bacteria that can live in these mediums, but these do not exist in common household.

      So sugar will keep forever. As someone also said in this thread it will have to be kept from moisture, otherwise it will pack. To prevent this you can put some rice in the sugar holder, that will withdraw moisture.

      You can do that with salt either.

      Pat, in Portugal

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      I just put my sugar in canisters or other lidded containers. Ice chests (camping coolers) will hold bags of sugar or other dry goods. Whatever you store it in keep the temp at 75 degree F or cooler and keep it dry.
      Thanks; Virginia

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes F.A.Q Freezing Sugar