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      DH does most of the shopping, he spoils me by not making me bag and

      lift all the bags of groceries. It is sweet but sometimes a royal


      I ask him to buy a list of fruits that I know will be eaten as snacks

      before they go bad. I ask for 4 apples, 3 bananas, 5 asian pears, and a

      couple of oranges. He brings home a LARGE bag of each. This has

      happened a few times and I have had to throw out the dead fruit a week

      later that no one ate. I have talked to him about it and he now buys a

      produce bag full of each instead of the large economy sized bags that

      are prepackaged.

      What I need to know is how to freeze these fruits? Do they need to be

      prepped a certain way? Can they be frozen whole? If there is no good

      way to freeze them, any recipes for using them up that will freeze well?

      I do not own a pressure cooker or canning jars, and have never really

      wanted to start canning anything. I know alot of people preserve fruits

      this way.

      Any advice would be helpful, other than telling DH not to do this,

      already tried that a couple times. LOL.


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