Freezing dairy

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      That’s important for people to think about so they know where to shop
      for themselves to make it the cheapest. For example, most people think
      SuperTarget is very expensive. But it depends on what you buy. Their
      hamburger is rarely under $3.99/lb.

      so last week I went down to Grocery
      Warehouse to get hamburger and a few other things. Their Deli Deluxe
      American Cheese was somewhere around $5.29/pack where at Target, it’s
      somewhere around $3.89. Their shredded cheese is about $1 more than at
      Target and the kind of popcorn I like (Pop Secret Homestyle) is about
      $1.50 more than it is at Target.

      So for me, as long as I don’t buy
      most kinds of meat there (some of their prices are comparable–just
      definitely not the ground beef!), I am better off at Target, whereas
      some of my friends buy things that are chaper elsewhere.
      I hope that was clear. 🙂

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