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      It is cheaper for us just to buy powdered milk and just reconstitute
      it. We drink skim milk, and it tastes just the same. With milk prices
      rising, I have looked into this again, just to make sure.

      We have two
      grocery stores right in our area. We shop them and the Family Dollar
      every week or two. Liquid skim milk is cheaper at iga than hannaford.
      powdered milk is cheaper at hannafod than at iga.

      *but* powdered milk
      is cheaper per gallon at hannaford, than powdered or liquid is at
      iga. so we buy powdered at hannaford.

      also, i noticed a few other things during my shopping trip today. i
      was buying shampoo for a dollar at iga/family dollar, but hannaford
      has it for 89 cents. We dilute our sampoo with water by 1/3 and doo
      not notice a big difference.

      IGA sells yogurt for my girls at 2/$1.00, and hannaford has a store
      brand selling at 2/.89. *But* last week IGA had yogurt on sale
      for .39 each, which was cheaper. Also, Iga sells my larger yogurt for
      $1.99, but Hannaford sells a store brand at $1.79.

      iga does not sell
      a store brand of yogurt, so hannaford wins again.

      hannaford does not have a reduced price card for bakery and produce,
      but iga does, which saves me a lot of money most weeks. soda is
      usually cheaper at hannaford, which is the same price as at family
      dollar. i like diet coke.

      *but* when i go to wal*mart, i get the
      store brand and save about .40 per 2-liter. I do not get to Wal*Mart
      often, as it is not local for me, and I do not get into Bangor often.

      Even if I didn’t look for deals, though, I would still pay less at
      IGA than Hannaford on the items that *I* purchase. On the other hand,
      my sister buys differently than I do, and would pay less at
      Hannaford. She buys mostly convenience foods, though.

      I do not buy
      too much for convenience foods, so that may make a difference. I’m
      not sure.

      K-Mart is a great place to by off-season clothes for kids. At least
      it was a few years back. During the winter I would buy almost all of
      the summer clothes that my daughters would need the next year there.
      During the summer I would buy a lot of winter clothes.

      You just have
      to be willing to look. I have also bought a feww things for me
      recently. Here are some examples:

      Kids pull-over sweaters – very nice ones – $1.00 each
      Girls pull-on (stretch) pants – .75-$1.00 each
      Kids shorts – .50-.75 each
      Kids Tee-Shirts – .75 each
      Kids tank tops – .25-.50 each
      Bras for Mom – $1.50 each
      Panties for mom – .50 each

      My girls didn’t mind wearing t-shirts, tank tops and shorts being
      sold for boys, so that made it easier. They also would wear those
      three items as jammies, so that saved me even more money.

      Cat food:(dry) I buy a large bag of dry food about once a month and
      we have 3 cats at 13 months old. I sometimes have to purchase another
      bag at the end of a month, it depends on how much they eat each
      week.I spend between $9.00 & $10.00 per purchase for dry food. They
      are not all that picky about it.

      I look for sales/coupons and buy the
      biggest bag at the cheapestest price.

      Cat Food:(wet) Last winter my cats ate 4 cans of this a day between
      them, this spring, they cut themselves down to 1 to 1-1/2 cans a day
      between them. They are indoor cats. Does anyone know the reason for

      At any rate, they will only eat fancy feast (or the store
      brand) or sliced/carved 9 Lives. That is it, nothing else. Also, they
      will not eat tuna cat food, or ocean white fish.

      I am always looking
      for sales/coupons for the 9 Lives, fancy feast is just not economical
      as far as I can tell. This week, IGA is selling the 4 can packs of 9
      Lives for .99. They usually sell them for $1.19, I think, which is
      why I usually buy them at Hannaford for $1.09.

      Cat litter: I have found a huge savings on this one. We only use
      scoopable litter. We have the three cats, and two litter boxes that
      get scooped throughout the day, as well as cleaned right out, washed,
      etc once a week.

      We started out buying whatever litter was cheapest
      at the grocery store, but my cat will not poop in anything but
      scoopable litter. So, the grocery store sold the scoopable litter for
      almost $6.00 (14 lbs.). Whenever I went to Wal*Mart I would pick up
      20 lbs.

      for $7.00 or $8.00. *But, Sams club sells 40 pound containers
      for just under $8.00. I have found that we go through about 80 pounds
      a month, so Sams is our cheapest find for what we need.

      There is a
      big savings there.

      Well, that’s all I have for now.


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