Freezing dairy

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      We purchase our sandwich chees {American} in big packages, already
      sliced. We then split it between quart size freezer bags and freeze.
      We have not froxen them past 2 months, but my girls do not notice a
      difference at all.

      BTW, we do a lot of freezing using freezer bags. We reuse all zipper
      bags {freezer, sandwich and snack size} as many times as we can. We
      also reuse aluminum foil whenever possible.

      We use the plastic bags that we bring our stuff home from shopping in
      as trash bags, or to wrap things in when being mailed. A lot of
      people are unaware of this, but when mailing a lot of the packages
      that we mail, they may very well be sitting outside on pallets with
      other peoples packages for up to a couple of weeks. It could rain.

      learned this when my mother-in-law mailed homemade quilts, curtains
      and other bedding to my niece in Mississippi (we live in Maine). When
      they received the package, it was wett, and so was everything inside.
      I don’t know if they ever got all of those water stains out.

      scrap paper: We homeschool, so this comes in handy. When at the post
      office I open mail and recycle junk. I keep anything that has a blank
      side, and the envelopes.

      We figure out math problems, doodle, let the
      kids we babysit draw on it, use it for shopping lists, errand lists
      and to leave notes for each other. We also use the envelopes for
      holding coupons. We reuse bigger envelopes (up to 8×10 or so)for
      storing important papers and other things.

      We reuse packaging whenever possible.

      We always reuse giftwrap, bags and boxes, as well as tissue paper.


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