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      “I was told that I can freeze milk. Is this true?”

      Yes, you can freeze milk. It will seperate and so you have to shake it up
      before you drink it. Thaw it in the fridge.

      Some people think the taste is
      changed, but we usually use it for cooking. My kids haven’t complained.
      Also someone else on the site (sorry I can’t give credit because I don’t
      remember) said if you take whole milk and divide it in half and add water to
      fill the container you get 2% milk. it works!

      my kids can’t tell the
      difference and they are teenagers. it is saving us a lot right now.

      “what about other dairy products like,
      yogurt, sliced cheeses, cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc.”

      as far as the above list, i freeze cheddar, american, cream and mozzerella
      cheese all the time. we buy it in bulk at sam’s (wholesale wearhouse) and
      it works great. it does get crumbly, but you can’t tell the difference in

      i haven’t tried yogurt or cottage cheese.

      hope all this helps.

      roxanne in sc

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