Freezing dairy

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      I’ve frozen milk with great results. It’ll turn a yellow color, but
      when thawed, it goes back to white. Just make sure to remember the
      date you froze it, this way you can remember how many days you have
      before it goes sour.

      I’ve never had a change in quality at all.
      As for cheese, sliced freezes well. Soft cheeses aren’t great for the
      freezer, or so I’ve heard. I know cheddar freezes ok, but not real
      sure about the other hard ones.

      Maybe someone else will know.
      Yogurt is awesome in the freezer as a frozen treat…I have no clue
      about how it is after thawing, though. I use it in popsicle molds.
      Cottage cheese turns watery on me, so I’ve only tried it once.

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