freezing blueberries

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      yes and yes. here we do freeze berries yearly even blue berrys we use

      the same methods for all kinds. first one is lay the berrys out on a

      cookie sheet and freeze when frozen fill up a freezer bag. the other

      method is put the berrys in a freezer bag and pop in freezer. when

      ready to use take bag out and smak it with your hand to loosen up

      berries and use the loose ones. works for us.

      — In, “Marguerite”



      > the farm near my house has pick your own blueberries now. I want to

      > freeze some for my oatmeal over the winter. I have never had luck

      > with freezing strawberries I was wondering if anyone has successfully

      > frozen blueberries?

      > thanx

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