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      From my experience, cream cheese does NOT freeze well. All other cheese does freeze good. Shredding cheese before is a great idea.

      Not only because of the crumbling affect but, also you can divvy out the amount you need and not the whole thing. If you do not want to shredit, you can cube it. Milk does fine.

      It looks gross when it is frozen but, goes back to normal when thawed.

      shellbeau813 wrote: Hi everyone!
      Well, you are
      always so helpful and resourceful! After reading all the
      posts, I bought an extra freezer a while back. I have read that some
      of you freeze cheese and milk.

      It is better (or required) that the
      cheese is shredded? Does it work better for some cheeses than others
      (like soft vs. hard cheese?).

      How does it affect texture?

      And as far as milk is concerned- does it change the flavor or texture
      once it is thawed?

      I am so curious. I would love to stock up and have extra on hand, but
      there is not enough room in the fridge!

      Thanks, Michelle in MA

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