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      I am a Registered Polysomnography Technologist…(sleep Tech) and we see alot of Children who have been diagnosed with add/adhd that have some sort of sleep disorder. you said that the child is thin so that alot of times rules out sleep apnea…but not necessarily. does he snore?

      still have his tonsils?

      also she can check out his sleep hygiene. does he get enough sleep. sleep at regular times etc.

      kids are the opposite of adults. when we are tired we act lethargic…dont want to do anything etc…children on the other hand tend to seem restless, cannot sit still, and are basically bouncing off the walls. this is a way to keep themselves stimulated so they do not appear tired.

      just an idea to look into.

      i myself have “self” diagsnosed with add and simply cannot stay on track and it drives me crazy. my best friend is a pharmacist and she is diagnsoed add but cannot tolerate any of the meds….so i guess i would say we are functioning adders…lol


      Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 17:07:13 -0700
      Subject: : ADHD question- diet related treatments?

      My son is getting married this Fall to a wonderful girl…she isbringing 2 children into the marriage (our first grandchildren).

      The little girl 5is quite “busy” and unfocused but not diagnosed ADHD. The 10 year old little boy has been diagnosed adhd and is on medication. i do not know the name of the meds but could find out.

      both children are thin(genetics) and very picky eaters (choice)- the medicationthat the boy is on has caused him to lose his desire to eat and he’s getting too thin- he looks like healmost has an eating disorder (which i guess he does in a way).

      my question is to those of you with adhd friends/children in your homes- does anyone have information on “trigger” foods that seem to set off your children? i know sugar and food coloring are typically linked toadhd, but are there other things we should watch out for? his mother and i are hoping to try to managehis adhd (and his sister’s ) by changing his diet and getting him off the medication so he has an appetite again.

      any opinions, suggestions or even guesses are much appreciated!

      lisa g.

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