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      I wonder if your child/children have been tested for

      Diabeties. My husband was reciently diagnosed and we

      find he craves sweets (especailly when he has a sugar

      low) and he also has difficultie concentrating. The

      other end is low blood sugar which my mom has. She has

      difficultie focusing and has been checked for ADD/ADHD

      (she’s in her 60’s) Our son was diagnosed with ADHD

      because of the school but in truth he wasn’t ADHD. I

      went through the medication for several months and

      found that giving him a coke in the morning worked

      better than the meds. He was very violent on the

      medication and we tried multiple strengths and a

      couple types (it’s been 8 years so I don’t remember

      the second one the first was Adderal).

      I think sometimes kids are diagnosed when in truth

      there is something else going on. For us we found that

      he was being bullied and that was what was causing his


      By the way off the medication he found errors on the

      end of year tests administerd from the state we lived


      He will graduate High School this year and has not

      been held back one time. He has infact skipped a

      grade. So please check to insure that he is not

      Hypoglycemic/Hyperglycemic or not being bullied.

      I do understand that there are ligitimate cases of

      ADD/ADHD and for those they should be treated but I

      wouldn’t want to see a child treated for something

      that is not there.

      Good luck




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