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      Maybe some one can help me out here. There is a website that really

      IMO is the place to start when talking about ASD. But I can’t find the

      address so, the lady that runs it is named Barb Kirby, and it’s called

      O A S I S if anyone has the address post it please as I think that

      would be a great place to start reading up on ASD.


      On 3/15/08, Erica Hager <> wrote:

      > i would definitely have her checked for autism or ASD or Aspergers — again

      > contact a pediatric neurologist or do a search in your area for CARD

      > (center for autism and related disorders) even if its not autism or

      > aspergers they can still help (hence related disorders) — all of the

      > diagnoses we have been talking about are interlinked and work on the same

      > part of the brain and are very closely related and many of the meds are the

      > same as are the therapies and alternative treatments.


      > kids with autism even low-functioning kids often have a very specific talent

      > or two that is mind-blowing — working electronics, remembering certain

      > things, etc.


      > when i have time i will post some good links to get everyone with questions

      > started. webMD has some good basic info, as does although

      > they tend to talk alot about the most severe cases to get attention and

      > donations but there are good links there.







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