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      Well it’s when kids are oppositional all the time, no matter what it

      is they won’t mind you. They are diefiant of any adult and act out all

      the time over every little thing. Take it a step futher and it’s IED.

      Any kind of CD (conduct disorder) makes them very very hard to handle

      and what might work today won’t work tomorrow. They react to

      everything. IF you asked my son do you want Apple or Grape juice his

      answer would be OJ. But if you asked him do you want Apple or OJ his

      reply would be Grape. lol Didn’t matter what he wanted he would

      always want something that wasn’t a choice and if he didn’t get it he

      would throw a fit. And it seemed like he simply didn’t understand why

      he couldn’t have the one he wanted.

      I hope that helps


      On 3/15/08, mem68 <> wrote:

      > What is oppositional diefiant disorder? Do you have other children? Have you

      > tried different diets? Is she jealous of you being around others?How old was

      > she when diagnosed?Does any other members of the family have thios

      > diagnoses? Prayers go w/ you.

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      > Subject: Re: : ADHD question- diet related treatments?



      > My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder. She

      > was on Trileptal, Adderall and Clonidine. I changed doctors and now she is

      > on Ritalin and clonidine only. I would also like to know

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