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      I actually never heard of it before the dr told me and no I don’t have any others, just her. She is very sensitive to loud noises and is very intelligent actually much smarter than other kids her age. Since age two she has been able to work a dvd, vcr, computer and tv. She understands complicated concepts and when she is having a good day is a joy. Her drastic mood swings and behaviors are getting worse and that is why I sought professional help for her and she began treatment with Clonidine and Adderall at age 3. We cannot keep a sitter because about the second time when she is comfortable she begins to act out.She loses friends her age because she gets aggressive after a short peroid of time and even though she is smaller she is very strong for her size and age. One time we had a friend watch her while I took my husband to the dr. for his Emphyseuma and in our short absense she nearly knocked out a 75 year old man! She wanted him to go buy her a candy bar now and when he
      did not she argued and he leaned over to pick her up and she head bunted him and almost knocked him out! Once the fit was over she seemed to not remember it. Does it sound like bi-polar?

      mem68 wrote: What is oppositional diefiant disorder? Do you have other children? Have you tried different diets? Is she jealous of you being around others?How old was she when diagnosed?Does any other members of the family have thios diagnoses? Prayers go w/ you.

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      From: melinda irvin To: Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 9:02 PM Subject: Re: : ADHD question- diet related treatments?
      My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder. She was on Trileptal, Adderall and Clonidine. I changed doctors and now she is on Ritalin and clonidine only. I would also like to know

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