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      a lot of kids who are ADHD are skinny anyway because they burn up

      calories like crazy .. My #2 was NOT on meds and did track he thought

      nothing of running 5 miles, and putting the littles in the bike

      trailer and putting on another 20-30 miles hauling them

      if they are on meds especially stimulants their appetite is

      compromised .. it means making foods nutritionally dense .. make soup

      run through blender, then add in more veggies, meat etc

      add in supplements too ..


      sugar, food dyes, milk, wheat etc can all contribute

      Kids whose moms drank many times crave sugar (alcohol is fermented

      sugars in grains) – they tend to react quicker and nastier to sugars



      Ritalin has been around for over 50 years, at this point the medical

      community knows about those kids, the second generation and some info

      on third generational affects of ritalin use .. Today there are lots

      of new meds they are experimenting with, just because I have kids with

      ADHD doesn’t mean I want to use them as lab rats/guinea pigs for these

      new meds (who knows long term on them yet) .. My first choice would be

      ritalin because it has been around for so long

      Some kids can’t handle long acting meds, their stomachs don’t break it down

      Some kids can’t handle stimulants – experiment with strong tea or

      coffee do you see a difference in attention span? (don’t expect it to

      happen in 10 mins) .. there is a non stimulant out at this time – it

      has varied results from ok to absolutely lousy on the RAD/FAS list

      Many drugs wear off in short period of time and they can take an hour

      or more for some kids to even kick in .. Going up when they are

      asleep, give them a hug and meds a hour before waking for school can

      be a wonderful idea for easier mornings

      BTW I finally got diagnosised as ADHD in my 40’s (back when I was a

      girl only boys had hyperactivity, not girls – times they are

      a’changing) ..


      Imagine you have a wall of 5 drawer file cabinets ..

      ALL the drawers are opened

      some drawers have files sticking out

      some have drawers wtih files sticking out, with papers sticking out of the files

      some files on the floor in stacks

      all of these are various thoughts running through your head, now try

      to sleep .. or do anything else .. Impossible .. With ritalin I can

      put papers back in files, put the files in the drawers and then shut

      the drawers and lock them down


      hard to focus on things you don’t like, easily off track (my gf calls

      it rabbit trails)

      hyperfocus on things you do like (I am an info junkie, love to read, etc)

      need strong system in place to help organize life


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