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      i have frozen about all types of cheeses. they all freeze well. the texture may be a bit different. but that is it. you asked about shredding, if you will use a cheeses shredded – do it before you will freeze – it is very crumbly after it is frozen and hard to shred.
      milk… no – it turns yellow when it is frozen, but changes back to white when it thaws. some people say remove some milk when you freeze, i haven’t. if it has the indentations or dimples in the sides, they will pop out when you freeze the milk and you don’t have to dump any out. also, it does take a couple of days to that in the fridge – so be aware it does take a while.

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      I bought an extra freezer a while back. I have read that some teal;”> of you freeze cheese and milk. It is better that the
      cheese is shredded?

      And as far as milk is concerned- does it change the flavor or texture teal;”> once it is thawed?

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