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      Honestly, I’m not the one that is concerned about the weight issue- their mother is. My son was thin as a child and I was too (don’t I wish that had lasted!LOL)…it’s themom that is flipping out over her son’s weight loss. I concerned about the fact that the kids seem to eat a lot of “easy” food-fast food,lunchables, etcespecially since it seems to be possible/probable thatthese types of food are making the ADDmore noticeable. Seriously, I just want to help…I’m trying very hard tobe a good potential MIL and not act like either of the ones I got when I married. It’s not my intention totake over her kids- I still have a 7 year old of my own at home (we adopted later in life) so my time is pretty well spoken for, esp since my daughter is mild special needs. Thanks to everyone that has posted-I’ve got a lot to learn and I
      appreciate the help more than you’ll ever know! Lisa G.

      armstrca wrote:

      Like I said in the other email – my ex and I were both thin as kids, so it just may be the way her kids are. Just because you can see their ribs, doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. They will put on weight when they
      get older – right now they are burning it off too fast.

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