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      MSG can be a big trigger. Being picky may not be a choice but part of

      his issues if he has anything else wrong with him. Mine was 13 before

      he was DXed as Autistic for example and most Autistic kids are picky

      eaters. I can’t say all because mine isn’t. lol Yes if he’s getting to

      thin he either needs to get off that med and try something different

      or add something that will help him gain weight.

      Something that that may help is allowing him to choose what he wants

      for dinner a few times a week. Even having him help with dinner may

      get him more interested in eating. He’s old enough to pick out a

      dinner he likes, and can stir stuff up in a bowl or measure stuff to



      On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 8:07 PM, lisa griffeth <> wrote:


      > My son is getting married this Fall to a wonderful girl…she is bringing 2

      > children into the marriage (our first grandchildren).


      > The little girl 5 is quite “busy” and unfocused but not diagnosed ADHD. The

      > 10 year old little boy has been diagnosed adhd and is on medication. i do

      > not know the name of the meds but could find out. both children are thin

      > (genetics) and very picky eaters (choice)- the medication that the boy is on

      > has caused him to lose his desire to eat and he’s getting too thin- he looks

      > like he almost has an eating disorder (which i guess he does in a way).


      > my question is to those of you with adhd friends/children in your homes-

      > does anyone have information on “trigger” foods that seem to set off your

      > children? i know sugar and food coloring are typically linked to adhd, but

      > are there other things we should watch out for? his mother and i are hoping

      > to try to manage his adhd (and his sister’s ) by changing his diet and

      > getting him off the medication so he has an appetite again.


      > any opinions, suggestions or even guesses are much appreciated!


      > thanks!

      > lisa g.

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