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      My son is ADHD and has no trigger foods. Generally sugar does not trigger anything with an ADHD child – yeah they may get a bit more hyper – but no more then a normal child would.
      Some common trigger foods for any child are red food dye, wheat products and dairy. If anything, you can try an anti-trigger for ADHD kids – caffeine. MY son gets very sleepy when he gets a frappachino with a shot of espresso in it.
      Like someone else said – try the Feingold diet – it is a PITA to do, but if you have the perseverance and can be obsessed enough to do it, will help – if they are truly ADHD. Me, I don’t, I drug my son for school . He doesn’t get his meds on school holidays. He is ADHD inattentive and impulsive. The meds really help him to stay on task and focus – otherwise his brain would be thinking about everything else along with the task at had – and that just doesn’t work well at school.
      Like I said in the other email – my ex and I were both thin as kids, so it just may be the way her kids are. Just because you can see their ribs, doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. They will put on weight when they get older – right now they are burning it off too fast.

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      My son is getting married this Fall to a wonderful girl…she isbringing 2 children into the marriage (our first grandchildren).
      The little girl 5is quite “busy” and unfocused but not diagnosed ADHD. The 10 year old little boy has been diagnosed ADHD and is on medication.

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