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      Thanks for your reply. I am thinking that as we can afford it, it would be best to just make the changes to our house that we want to do for ourselves, including painting, removing wall-to-wall carpeting and installing different flooring, improving our closets, etc. After doing all that, who would want to move???

      Truly, we do like our home, its location, the school system. Sometimes, it feels like the debts are completely taking over and since it is the most expensive thing we pay for each month, it would appear on some level, to make sense to consider moving. In the end, I don’t see how we would truly come out ahead.

      Since I would rather not move over and over again with kids, I would prefer to move to another great school district not too far away, even into a smaller place. Though, with a growing family, not downsizing, we can really use the space we have. Why is so much of life tied to money?

      argh!!!!! i would consider getting a pt job in the evenings, but i would just end up giving all the money to the sitter. so, it is not worth it.

      thanks again, herlean

      armstrca wrote:

      Stay where you are if you can. It will be cheaper in the long run.

      Answers below.

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      Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 10:06 AM
      Subject: Re: : Housing Costs
      I am still debating selling our current house (a single family residence with a yard) and moving into a condo.

      Among the ideas that are running through my head:

      • will getting a condo that is less expensive than our current home really save money? Maint fees and be fairly expensive and can go up on you (as voted on by the assoc for the condo)
      • what about condo fees?

        will they negate the savings in house payments? Maybe

      • ideally, we want to keep our current house, but if we have to sell and move, how much does a realtor cost? usually 6% of the sale (3% for both realtors – the seller’s & the buyer’s – unless it has gone up)
      • will we truly be saving money by moving?Prob not – unless you downsize alot and go into a much cheaper neighborhood.the cost of preparing the house for sale, packing,storage, moving, finding another place,
        paying the realtor, fees associated with all that (does anybody truly know what the costs are?) They are not cheap.

        You will need to repaint, fix any outdoor damage, do any repairs the buyer would want done (per their houseinspector’s recommendations)

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