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      Thanks for the info. My husband is going to seek a PT job and I have agreed to

      do most of the yard work this summer, so he can work the extra hours. We won’t

      spend a lot of time together, but we will be able to pay more on the debt as

      well without making any new bills. That alone will help! We are also going to

      credit counseling. Our home mortgage has a great rate, and refinancing would

      only come at a higher rate, so we are not going that route.

      Pray with us for our success. We will keep looking for ways to cut, cut, cut.

      We are going to sell off some things too. Does anyone know a less fee heavy way

      than eBay that still reaches a wide audience, and eliminates that “will you take

      this instead” thing?



      ladydressmaker <> wrote:

      I’m brand new to the list, just a few hours on it in fact. But we

      recently found ourselves in a similar situation. I contacted the

      company that had my mortgage and over the phone, with email, faxes and

      such got a low interest second mortgage. No fees, appraisals or

      anything and I didn’t have to give up my dream home. Because they

      already had the first note they gave us lower interest rate, plus we

      got an even lower one when I agreed to an automatic debit to the

      account the fifteenth of every month.

      Even if you recently got a home equity loan it might well be worth the

      phone call to your mortgage company to see what they recommend. It

      lowered our bills $600 per month and will be paid off in 10 years.

      If you truly have absolutely no equity left to get a bill

      consolidation loan with maybe you could check with credit counselling.

      My mil did and they negotiated with all her creditors to where she

      has one monthly payment that is automatic (she got a lower interest

      rate that way) from her checking. It will pay off all her credit card

      debt in 5 years. The rates negotiated for her were extremely low and

      it was a free service.

      Either way I’d stay away from a condo, they come with all sorts of

      restrictions and problems, plus if one person causes any damage to the

      units all pay for them. Jan who is determined to pay off her 10 year

      home equity loan in 5 years in OK

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