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      I have a freezer and I have had it for 15 years so I really don’t know what it adds to our hydro bill. I do know that chest freezers are more efficient than uprights. Look for an energy star label if you are looking for an efficient one.

      I have a kenmore and I have had it for many years. I feel that I have saved a ton of money over the years with my little freezer. I can always stock up on sales of meat.

      Meat is such an expensive part of our grocery budget it really helps to stock up when it is on sale. One recommendation that I do have is do not get too big of freezer. they run more efficiently when they are fuller.

      My freezer is a small 7 cubic feet. i find that it is a perfect size for our family of 4. It is not too big that things get lost in it.

      I find that I am able to use things up before they get old and freezer burned. When we bought our freezer it was just the 2 of us. I always thought that I would have to get a bigger one when I had kids but this size has
      worked well for us.

      My mom has a huge freezer and she has to go through it every year an throw out food that has gotten freezer burned because it got lost in the bottom. Carrie

      Cassie Homer wrote: I have considered getting a small chest freezer to buy more items in bulk when they’re on sale or making dinners

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