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      Herlean, what kind of equity do you have in your current home? Will you

      walk away with $$ after the fact? The housing market is not working in a

      sellers favor right now, have you had an analysis done to see what the

      current market value is? I am a Realtor and also a Mortgage Loan Officer

      so the first ideas that run into my head are What are you going to gain

      vs. What are you sacrificing. A realtors fees vary but I definately do not

      advise trying it on your own if you are already stressed and in a

      financial bind. Where I live, Realtors get 6% of the sale price.

      > I am still debating selling our current house (a single family residence

      > with a yard) and moving into a condo. Among the ideas that are running

      > through my head:


      > Will getting a condo that is less expensive than our current home

      > really save money? What about condo fees? Will they negate the

      > savings in house payments? Will we ever be able to afford to buy a

      > house like this one we currently have again in the future, since real

      > estate appreciates? I really want our kids to grow up in a house

      > with a yard to play in, like we have now, but the debt situation

      > sometimes seems like a mountain crushing down on us and I wonder if

      > one is truly better than the other. Ideally, we want to keep our

      > current house, but if we have to sell and move, how much does a

      > realtor cost? The cost of storage of our stuff while open houses

      > are running? Very little extra $$$ for a storage unit. Forget pods

      > like you see on t.v., they are really expensive. will we truly be

      > saving money by moving? the cost of preparing the house for sale,

      > packing, storage, moving, finding another place, paying the realtor,

      > fees associated with all that (does anybody truly know what the costs

      > are?)

      > help!!!!!


      > thanks!


      > herlean




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