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      I think you should be careful with the condo idea. We had a friend who owned a condo. She said that the condo association wanted to do some repairs for the property and everyone in the complex had to pay $5,000 because the repairs were for the community property.

      She had no choice but to pay it, in addition to her regular fee. Other than that bit of info, I have no other experience with condos. Good luck.

      Herlean wrote: I am still debating selling our current house (a single family residence with a
      yard) and moving into a condo. Among the ideas that are running through my head:

      • will getting a condo that is less expensive than our current home really save money?
      • what about condo fees?

        will they negate the savings in house payments?

      • will we ever be able to afford to buy a house like this one we currently have again in the future, since real estate appreciates?
      • i really want our kids to grow up in a house with a yard to play in, like we have now, but the debt situation sometimes seems like a mountain crushing down on us and i wonder if one is truly better than the other.
      • ideally, we want to keep our current house, but if we have to sell and move, how much does a realtor cost?
      • the cost of storage of our stuff while open houses are running?

        very little extra $$$ for a storage unit. forget pods like you see on t.v., they are really expensive.

      • will we truly be saving money
        by moving? the cost of preparing the house for sale, packing,storage, moving, finding another place, paying the realtor, fees associated with all that (does anybody truly know what the costs are?)
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